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We provide several different services for In-Home Support; respite, habilitation, attendant supervision and attendant care. This also includes transportation to the day programs.

If this person receives full services, we call it our “Total Care Program”. This is designed for the provider and Embrace Life’s coordinator to maintain monthly supervision checks, specific hands-on training and lifting safety. The provider must pass Direct Care Worker curriculums to meet AHCCCS requirements, and in addition for our provider to meet Embrace Life Total Care Program requirements.

For all the services, we require to have an Individualized Support Plan (ISP) prior to providers starting delivery of the services to develop goals and teaching strategies. We will also be in close communication with the families/caregivers of the individuals served to ensure that the delivery of services is meeting expectations. ISPs are required to be conducted every 90 days.

Families should know the type of service and the amount of authorizations they are approved for from the Division of Developmental Disabilities. Each family is different in their need of services. Embrace Life Inc. will make sure you have the correct services that you were authorized for, and ensure they are being used accurately. If you are not sure, we will work closely with your Support Coordinator to ensure you have all services to meet your needs.

Who qualifies for services through Embrace Life, Inc.?

In order to qualify for services with Embrace Life Inc., individuals must be supported by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

We also accept private pay.

To inquire about information in regards to qualifying for services with the Division of Developmental Disabilities, visit their website at https://www.azdes.gov/ddd

Please click on the services as listed on the right column to see the type of services you are looking for and the description along with it.

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