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The type of work setting matters when job searching as you may favor caregiving in a private home rather than at the center. Your preference to work in a facility might be influenced by the comradery of working with other caregivers and in a more structured environment. With respect to in-home care your job seeking efforts may be guided by your desire to work where members will assigned and work independently. Employment with Embrace Life Services offers advantages of administrative support, guaranteed work hours, workers compensation benefits, and payroll management.

Employment Opportunities

Employment is one of the core services provided by the Embrace Life Team. We believe that everyone who wants to work should be given the opportunity to do so, no matter who the applicant is. Many new employees comes to Embrace Life to satisfy employment as we are continuously hiring to help families/guardians receive an appropriate provider to work with their loved ones. Many of our managers started at entry level as a staff. Embrace Life strongly believes in providing opportunities to move up within the company.

Embrace Life offers medical insurance for eligible employees. We offer Vacation and Sick pay, with an immediate effective date of when an employee starts.

Most companies offers 50% contribution to your health insurance plan, but at Embrace Life, we know how health is really important to you and your family. We contribute 65% toward your plan. 65% is not just towards the employee but for the whole family who are on the plan.

We pay annual raises and provide rewarding careers with lots of room for advancement!

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Your assigned Supervisor will be Mr. Sergio Q. Sergio is a Program Coordinator, with Embrace Life. Sergio has been employed with Embrace Life for many years as a DCW. Sergio was recently promoted to HCBS supervisor and based in Douglas. Sergio is ready to work with you!

Application to apply to work in Douglas, the application will be sent directly to me

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