Embrace Life, Inc. is committed to follow exceptional standards. We want your loved one to improve in all aspects, and we are working consistently to enhance improvement in our training programs for our Direct Support Professionals. We are committed to provide trained DSPs to be prepared to deliver excellent quality of care. Embrace Life, Inc. is required to follow standard HIPAA regulations and keep any confidential health information relating to a child and adult in a secure place at all times.

Embrace Life’s training team brings several instructors with teaching/training experience. We have 2 Lead CPR/FA instructors, 5 Article 9 Instructors, 2 P&S instructors and a DCW instructor. We have a training called “Key training” for all newcomers to take once a month at our Training Center to better understand the job position and what it entails.

Our Training Center is designed for staff to focus during important training to increase their knowledge on how to work with our members to meet their services as expected.

To be a successful provider is defined differently for each member. Most members seek a meaningful environment where they are treated with respect and can build personal relationships with peers. The site coordinators works on a case-by-case basis with each provider to tailor the training program to meet their member’s personal needs. The site coordinator evaluates each member with family support to create a training plan accurate for providers to meet expectations. All family/guardian input is greatly appreciated and is taken in consideration during training.

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