Safety Transportation

Transportation is crucial to ensure access to essential services such as medical care and grocery shopping, and being part of the member’s daily activities in the community. Bringing members out in the community will help to prevent isolation and the possible need for long-term care placement. A lot of our members who do not drive, must rely on family and friends to provide much of the transportation. But for others, it is necessary to find community resources to provide transportation, as this vital support service may be their only connection to the outside world. Embrace Life knows safe transportation is significantly important to our members and their loved ones/guardians.

All of our providers are required to pass all driving courses, have a valid AZ Drivers License, provide a clean driving record and comprehends all safety features of all vehicles. These features includes, but does not limit to: seat belt safety, air conditioning and heating, using all mirrors before making any turns, following ratios required by their members during transit, no cell phone usage, and keeping the vehicle clean.

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