Residential Program Services

Member care is a responsibility that requires knowledge, time, effort, and much, much more. When it comes to entrusting your family member into the hands of licensed residential care with qualified care providers, and professional services, you should only count on the best. At our Residential Programs for Adults, our superior Qualified Provider services are backed by years of experience, a commitment to safety, and compassion. It is important for our team to maintain dignity and a sense of security.

Our entire team works together in order to provide an environment where you can feel confident leaving your loved one everyday.


Prior to admission in residential care, we will need to conduct an assessment with each potential member and their family. Additionally, the member will need to see his/ her primary care physician to complete a physician’s assessment or provide a copy of the most recent physical annual exam. The information received from the assessments along with input from family is used to create an Individual Support Plan, ISP. The Individual Support Plan is essentially a master plan that outlines how a member’s care will be implemented. We will monitor the member’s ISP changes as a member’s condition improves or deteriorates. Family members can feel more comfortable knowing exactly what kind of care their loved one will receive. Members are assured higher quality, consistent care to meet their changing needs and direct care staff has clearly defined roles. In short, everyone is on the same page working to achieve the same goals and objectives.


Hydration is very important for our group homes in Arizona, especially with the heat outside 7 months out of 12 months a year. Hydration at Embrace Life Services includes making small, frequent amounts of fluids available during and in between all meals and snacks during the day. Our caregivers play an important role in keeping our members properly hydrated. Caregivers ensure scheduled bathroom breaks are conducted to alleviate any fears of an “accident” that members may have.


Many members require incontinence care. Incontinence care in residential care was developed to address those special needs. We start with setting a regular schedule for toileting use first thing in the morning, every two hours during the day and before and after meal times. Personal assistance, monitoring and plenty of time in the restroom is given as needed to each member. We encourage using incontinence products such as padded undergarments or adult briefs and clothing that is easy to remove and clean. The restrooms are easy to find and are equipped with safety features that include raised toilet seats and grab bars. Our caring staff are supportive and provides reassurance and respects the need for privacy. At Embrace Life Services, we help manage incontinence and respond in a manner that helps our members retain a sense of dignity.


We provide healthy fruits, fresh vegetables, sizeable meals, drinks and/or any special nutrition recommendations ordered by a doctor for us to follow. Embrace Life have put together a variety of nutritious, satisfying meals and snacks. Our meal times are happy times with a chance to socialize and talk with others in a clean, attractive and well lit environment. Independence is promoted, and proper nutrition is encouraged by using special plates and lightweight glasses to serve food that is attractive and pretty to look at. Join us during lunch for good food among friends and you will understand why your loved one’s appetite has improved!


At Embrace Life Services, we understand that caregiving is demanding and that you face special challenges. You are not alone. We provide personal insights and valuable resources. Whether you need help with daily living, safety planning, legal decisions, finances, or community support, we are here to help.


Our therapeutic recreational activity program is under the direction of our Residential director. Each activity can be modified and is designed to match the personal abilities and needs of all members with an emphasis on cognitive and sensory stimulation. Music and aromatherapy are enjoyed by members and they helps to reduce behaviors like agitation and wandering. The daily participation in physical exercise increases strength and stamina. The brain health activities like trivia, brain teasers and reminiscing increase cognition. Art therapy is an important creative outlet for people with Autism, allowing them to express themselves in a non-verbal way. At Embrace Life Services, we believe that a person with autism does not have to give up the activities that he or she enjoys.


Some of our members has some special attention to their risk of behavior such as desire to commit suicide, physical aggression, verbal aggression, and flight risk. We know the behavior can raise concern in the safety of the home and/or community. We have a behavior specialist who monitors and writes Behavior Treatment Plans for our staff to become masters in redirecting and understand where the behavior can be defined of frustration or attempt to communicate what she/he needs. We are required to take our members to see a psychiatrist for a minimum of every 90 days for medication behavior modifying reviews. We can not make any changes in the medication without instructions by doctor via writing.


Medication Management is available to all individuals that resides in the residential programs. Medication prescribed by a physician will be administered by a trained qualified provider alongside with a physician’s instructions to administer time and dosage. You no longer have to worry if your loved one is taking and receiving important medications. The caregivers at Embrace Life Services are here to ensure success with this important task.

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