Embrace Life provides activities designed to enhance the ability of the child to function as part of a family unit to increase the family’s ability to care for the child in the home and in community-based settings. Embrace Life, Inc. provides programming that is designed to meet the individual needs of each member and their families and explore opportunities to improve their daily independent living skills. Our member(s) learn to develop skills that will introduce them to the benefits of leading a healthy and positive lifestyle. Members have the opportunity to learn and recognize the values and principles associated with being independent and receive guidance in self-esteem and respect issues and structured life skills. Our management staff works hard to establish meaningful relationships with the families and to be role models for the member. We currently have and will continue to focus on having a strong emphasis on constant improvement within the agency and maintaining good relationships with parents, guardians, and Support Coordinators.

Home and Based Services

Douglas Area

(also serve Elfrida & San Simon)

The company recognizes Douglas as a unique small historical town that comes with special features and is located right by the border of Agua Prieta, Mexico. The jobs offered in this town will be only for HCBS, which means In-home services. In this small town, family is valued with full hearts. The agency prefers families to refer their close relatives to assist their loved ones by becoming direct care workers. Click here to go to Douglas’s Home Page.

Sierra Vista & Huachuca City

(also serve Benson, Tombstone, and Bisbee)

Click the town name to go to Sierra Vista’s Home Page

Tucson & Yuma

(also serve Marana)

Click the town name to go to Tucson’s Home Page

This highly individualized program helps a person with a developmental disability live in his or her own home with roommates. Staff members are available for 24/7 care while providing training in daily living skills, money management, meal preparation, and community and safety skills. The goal of this program is to offer the member support so that he or she can have a quality lifestyle in a typical neighborhood setting, taking advantage of what the community has to offer. pulvinar dapibus leo.

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